Saturday, October 17, 2015

Take Care of Yourself in Order to Take Care of Students

The title of this post was almost "Sound Mind in a Healthy Body."  As educators we seek knowledge through workshops, books, college courses, etc.  However, we ignore our bodies which is the source of our strength.  Therefore, I am challenging all of you to walk briskly for 30 minutes three times per week between now and Christmas.  You'd be surprised how much stress we collect on a daily basis from morning and evening traffic, from our roles as educators, and from personal responsibilities.  It is imperative to release that stress via walking!  Walk for free around the block several times, or in a nearby park.  Take in the sights and admire your neighbor's flower beds, or sing along to your favorite songs in your playlist.

We don't have much to offer our families or our students when our energy is depleted.  Rejuvenate yourself three times per week to ensure that you can reach your family and teach your students.  We should all strive to have a sound mind in a healthy body.

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